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1066 (The war of the three armies)

The 1066 experience  is presented by a member of King Harold's housecarl (bodyguard)

We explore  the battles of the three armies;the Saxons, Vikings and Normans.

This is suitable for KS 2/3

The 1066 experience can be a half or full day depending on your needs. 

The 1066 Experience consists of;

  • Saxon England : A brief look at Saxon England and the political situation in 1066.

  • Fighting styles :Using volunteers we  explore and compare the various weapons, armour and fighting styles of the three armies ; Saxon, Viking and Norman.

  • Historical Figures ; An introduction to some of the main characters : Harold Hadrada , Harold  Godwinson and William Duke of Normandy, with children taking these roles for the day.

  • Handling session ;the children try on armour, helmets and handle blunted weapons. ( in rotation with Battle Drills session- teachers to supervise and facilitate)

  • Battle Drills; Children will learn battle drills with shields we provide.​

  • Setting the scene; Harold shipwrecked in  Normandy, the use of holy relics in the early church, oath taking, the death of Edward The Confessor, Harold Godwinson being crowned, Hadrada assembles a fleet, William assembles a fleet.

  • Invasion 1. Hadrada takes York, the children re-enact battle of Fulford and Stamford Bridge.

  • Invasion 2. William lands at Pevensey, the children re-enact Battle of Hastings.

  • The day finishes with the crowning of William in London.

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