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Napoleonic Session

The Napoleonic Session is presented by a 'Soldat of the Grande Armee'.The session focuses mainly on the military aspects of the rise and fall of Napoleon.

This is suitable for KS 5

The Napoleonic Session usually lasts for around one and a half hours. 

The Napoleonic Session consists of;

  • Napoleonic warfare; including The Continental System and its failure, The Spanish Ulcer and the March on Moscow.

  • The Battle of Waterloo;We examine Wellington's claim that  the Battle was fought 'The same old way'. Using students we explore 'Line' versus 'Column' tactics. We will discuss the  introduction of the 'Corps' system and it's impact on flexibility.

  • Propaganda; the use of Propaganda for and against Napoleon.

  • Handling session: Time for pupils to handle weapons and try on uniforms from the soldiers who helped raise the ‘Corsican Ogre’ to Emperor Of France.


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