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Greek Day


The Greek day is set in the 5th Century B.C.E  and hosted by  Archon the Athenian Hoplite.


 Areas  covered in the day:

  • Life in Ancient Greece: Including ; city states,women's roles, democracy, education, art, the theater and medicine.With special focus on the rivalry between Sparta and Athens . (This is interwoven throughout the day)

  • Introduction to the Hoplites : Who they were, how they fought and weapons used. Archon delivers the sessions wearing Ancient Greek armour which he uses to exemplify this whilst bringing children out to demonstrate a variety of equipment. 

  • Greek Battle Tactics: Up to 60 children at a time learn how to form the Phalanx with replica wooden  shields and spears. (approximately 30 minutes) 

  • Handling session: Time for pupils to try on armour and handle blunted weapons. ( in rotation with Battle Tactics session- teachers to supervise and facilitate)

  • Thermopylae Battle Reenactment:  Greece V Persia -The children take part in a re-enactment of one of the most famous battles in military history and  learn about it's influence on future events.

  • Greek Myths:The Odyssey -Children play the main roles in this fun        re-telling of one of the oldest stories in the West. This is followed by the true monsters which influenced the myths.

The above details a typical day for a large school. For smaller groups Olympic sports such as the 'Shield Race' can be included. Greek days can be adapted to suit the unique needs of your school.

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