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The Viking Experience


A Viking trader will visit your school to talk about Viking life, warfare and trade but also about some of the untruths about the Vikings like wearing horned helmets. The day would start with our trader describing the areas where the Vikings came from, the inter clan warfare which lead to the Vikings becoming such great warriors in demand over the known world. Gender roles with much debate even today over the roles of women in Viking society, home life and a typical Viking village. Trade and the use of ships. Then onto the weapons and equipment of the warriors, rich and poor.

 After break the children will have a chance to learn Shield drill and forming the Boar’s Snout followed by axe throwing. They will also get a chance to try on ring mail armour, handle blunted swords and try on various styles of helmets.

 After dinner the children have a chance to join a ‘Thing’ and join in trial by jury and trial by combat. The legacy of the Vikings will also be discussed. The day will finish with the children re-enacting the Battle of Fulford and the Battle of Stamford Bridge, the last great battles fought in England against the Vikings.

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