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KS1-Knight School  

KS3/4-Technology of Armour and Weapons  or Medieval Wars

Knight School.

Knight School is presented by Knight , Sir John De Vere, the seventh Earl of Oxford or Sir William De Blamires.


This is suitable for KS 1 studying  Knights and Castles.

Knight School usually lasts for half a day. 

Knight School consists of;

  • An age appropriate workshop covering; what  a knight is , chivalry and an explanation of equipment and armour. With the help of staff we will demonstrate  how to dress a knight. (approximately 30 minutes)

  • Handling Session; a chance to try on a variety of  helmets and handle various weapons and armour.                                    (half a class in rotation with the Squire Training session- teachers to supervise and facilitate)

  • Squire Training;Children will learn how a squire was trained and take a turn on the Tilt. The Tilt can be set up outside or inside in a hall.(half a class in rotation with the handling session)

The above is based on a single form entry school.

(Due to the nature of The Tilt, schools with more than one class will need up to a full day as the second and third activities will have to be repeated for each class whilst the other classes complete class based activities.)

The Technology of Medieval period arms and armour.

This session is presented by Knight , Sir John De Vere, the seventh Earl of Oxford or Sir William De Blamires.


This is suitable for KS 3/4 and covers the Technology of arms and armour from the 11th Century to the 16th Century.

The session  consists of;

  • A detailed explanation of developments in armour and tactics exemplified through a wide range of artefacts. Students will come forward to try on various items of armour and weaponry. Main developments covered include the move from Maille to Plate armour,from bows to the gun, the shift away from the use of shields and the move from fighting on horse back to a preference for fighting on foot.

  • Handling session; If time allows students will have the opportunity to handle the artefacts  from the above session under supervision of our knights who will be pleased to answer any questions your students may have.

Because of the amount of armour and weapons for safety we normally have two members of staff to run the workshop and keep an eye on the equipment which is reflected in the cost.

Medieval Wars

 Medieval Days can be adapted to suit the unique needs of your school.We can  bring a selection of weapons and armour to meet any period you have chosen as a topic for example The battle for Outremer with Richard I, The Hundred Year War with Henry V or The War of the Roses with Richard III.

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