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Saxon Experience

The Saxon Experience is presented by a Late Roman /Saxon Character.

We look at the many changes from when the Saxon's  first invaded Britain in the 5th C.E to 1066 C.E as they tried to hold on to Anglo- Saxon Britain.

This is suitable for KS 2.

The Saxon Experience can be a half or full day depending on your needs. 

The Saxon Experience consists of;

  • Saxon wars 5th Century CE ; the fight against the Romano – British The separation of England into various Kingdoms.We look the origins of the Arthurian Legends.Children will illustrate this by being dressed as as a  Saxon and a  Romano Britain.

  • Saxon wars 8th Century CE ; the fight against the Danes. Beginning with the rise of Alfred and the dream of uniting the various Saxon kingdoms under one King leading to the creation of England.Children will illustrate this by being dressed as as a  Saxon and a  Dane.

  • Shield Drill ; Children experience forming the famous Saxon shield wall whilst under barrage (from the teachers!)

  • The Battle of Hastings ; (The end of Saxon Britain) The students re-enact the Battle of Hastings . We will then discuss the Saxon legacy.

  • Handling session ; Time for pupils to handle blunted swords, try on helmets,and hold shields (from the time 410 C.E until 1066 C.E) with the teacher whilst our character will help the children try on a set of Maille. Pupils also examine a replica copy of the most famous Saxon helmet found at Sutton Hoo in a Saxon burial.






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